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17 April

Opening of BURGER KING restaurant in "Okhta Mall" shopping center.

BURGER KING® is one of the largest fast-food restaurants chain founded in 1954. BURGER KING® has more than 13,000 restaurants that serve about 12 million visitors a day in 86 countries. Читать далее

26 July

“Kotofey” store will open in “Okhta Mall”

The store in “Okhta Mall” will present new models from the latest collections and the full seasonal range: shoes for the garden and school, beach shoes, gym shoes, and related products: socks, tigh Читать далее

28 September

Okhta Mall is roofed!

St. Petersburg, September 10, 2015. Development of the flagship SRV project in Russia, the Okhta Mall shopping center, has come to its final stage. Читать далее

12 May

Russian retailer Lenta will present its new format in Okhta Mall

In Okhta Mall hypermarket Lenta will be present in the new format, not previously represented in St. Petersburg. The lease contract was signed for 20 years. Читать далее

9 February

H&M станет якорным арендатором ТРЦ «Охта Молл»

Санкт-Петербург, 04 февраля 2015 года –  Концерн SRV подписал договор аренды площадей в торгово-развлекательном центре «Охта Молл» с фэшн-оператором Hennez&Mauritz (H&M). Читать далее

Leasing requests

In the case of interest on the lease in the shopping center Mall Ohta, please send applications in any form on the e-mail addresses listed below. The application must be attached the presentation of the trade in terms of working with photographs shops or visualization of the new project.
Leasing questions
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Peter Mironov

Deputy Director of the Lease Department SRV

+7 921 988 9960[email protected]
Julia Chernysheva

Exclusive consultant, JLL

+7 965 244 4386 [email protected]